Flinders Ranges Scenic Drives

Enjoy the magnificent nature of the Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park

Easy Scenic Drives from Wilpena Pound Resort

The Flinders Ranges have some of the best scenic drives in South Australia, with millions of years of geological history, rolling mountain ranges and spectacular gorges. There are several drives that can be easily undertaken from Wilpena Pound Resort which will get you back in time for Happy Hour!

We've listed three of our favorites below. But there are more on offer so speak to a member of our team for some other suggestions.

Scenic Drive 1

Wilpena - Bunyeroo Gorge (native wildlife and interesting rock formations) - Brachina Gorge (580 million years of geological history) - Aroona Valley (considered by many to be the most beautiful place in the Flinders Ranges) - Blinman (historic mining town with mine tours) - Wilpena

From Wilpena to Bunyeroo Gorge its 29km driving through both Bunyeroo & Brachina Gorge its 16.9km from here to get to Aroona Valley. From Aroona Valley to the town of Blinman is 34km. The return trip from Blinman to Wilpena is a 61km drive.

Scenic Drive 2

Wilpena - Brachina Gorge - Blinman - Parachilna Gorge (red river gums spectacular rock formations) - Parachilna (old railway station and iconic Prairie hotel)- Moralana Scenic Drive (pass between the outer wall of Wilpena Pound and the colourful bluffs of the Elder Range, thickets of native cypress pine) - Wilpena

From Wilpena to Brachina Gorge its 29km, following onto Blinman it's then a 41.3km drive. Blinman to Parachilna Gorge is a 19.7km drive. The Moralana Scenic Drive returning to Wilpena is a 98.2km drive.

Scenic Drive 3

Wilpena - Arkaroo Rock (Aboriginal rock art) - Brachina Gorge - Moralana Scenic Drive - Hawker - Wilpena

From Wilpena to Arkaroo Rock it is a 16.4 km drive, then traveling onto Brachina Gorge it's a 61.2km drive. The Moralana Scenic Drive to Hawker is 43.6km. The home stretch Hawker to Wilpena is 55.2km.


You may not get any mobile telephone reception for long stretches of the above drives.

Roads are compacted, dry and rocky. It is advisable to have a spare tyre and the tools to change a tyre if you are setting out on a scenic drive.