Iga Warta Experience

Adnyamathanha cultural expreirences

Iga Warta - the place of the native Orange

The Iga Warta experience is an immersive Adnyamathanha cultural experience in the northern Flinders Ranges, South Australia.

Come and learn about the Adnyamathanha culture, hear the silence of the bush, smell the damper cooking, see the Flinders Ranges like never before, come and experience Iga Warta.

The Iga Warta experience

At Iga Warta you will experience Adnyamathanha Culture with Adnyamathanha People on Adnyamathanha land.

Our land is our book that we teach from and visitors are encouraged to take time to explore and get a feeling for our country.

Visitors have the ability to become part of the environment and learn first hand the importance of this area to the Adnyamathanha people.

Aboriginal Cultural Tours

Experience Adnyamathanha interpretation of the environment with:

  • tours to painting sites
  • tours to story sites to learn of their significance
  • learn about the importance of the local flora and fauna
  • taste bushtucker (seasons permitting)

Cultural & Environmental Walks

Experience Adnyamathanha culture as you walk through the bush where you will: 

    • learn about bush tucker
    • learn about bush medicine
    • hear the silence of the bush
    • understand how Adnyamathanha people feel about the environment
    • experience the beauty of the arid lands flora and fauna

Adnyamathnaha Guided Experiences

Experience our land with an Adnyamathanha guide and:

  • interpret traditional Rock-Art
  • visit Adnyamathanha story sites
  • learn about contemporary Adnyamathanha society
  • share cultural experiences

Campfire Evenings

Experience a traditional campfire and:

    • listen to stories
    • learn about Adnyamathanha culture through music
    • smell and taste the damper (bread)
    • feel a part of the environment

Iga Warta Accommodation

Iga Warta has a range of accommodation options from campsites to safari tents with ensuites, from $11 to $150 per night.

Head over to the Iga Warta website to see all available options.

How to get to Iga Warta

Iga Warta is set amongst the mountains in South Australia's northern Flinders Ranges.

From Wilpena Pound Resort there is a sealed road to wards Copley via Parachilna, then good quality unsealed road east towards Balcanoona. Iga Warta is 58km from the Gammon Ranges Road turn off. In total this is around a 3 hour drive from Wilpena.

From Wilpena Pound Resort there is a sealed road to Blinman, then good quality unsealed road north to Nepabunna via Balcanoona. In total this is around a 4 hour drive from Wilpena.

For most of the year the route is accessible using conventional vehicles. Visitors can obtain road condition information from the Wilpena Pound Visitor Information Centre tean, the local police or National Parks staff.