3 Routes to Wilpena Pound

The fun ways to get to us

Route 01 - Adelaide Food & Wine

Adelaide | Barossa Valley | Clare Valley | Orroroo | Wilpena

One of the more indulgent journeys to Wilpena Pound includes famous wine regions of South Australia. The Barossa Valley is renowned for its full bodied Shiraz, Clare Valley for its flavoursome and delicate Riesling. After collecting some magnificent wines, making your way through to Orroroo is a pleasant, scenic example of an outback Australian town. From Orroroo and onto Hawker is a comfortable drive leading your into the Flinders Ranges National Park and Wilpena Pound Resort.

Route 02 - Outback Australia

Adelaide | Clare Valley | Melrose | Quorn | Wilpena

On this route you will truly experience South Australia and the Outback. Stopping at Clare you have the opportunity to see a beautiful town with the added bonus of being one of Australia’s renowned wine making regions. For your next stop, Melrose will give you an idea of what it is like to reside in a sleepy Outback town. Quorn is the home of the Pichi Richi Historic Railway and early settlement in South Australia. It also provides a welcome place to rest before the final stretch, the entrance into the Flinders Ranges and Wilpena Pound.

Route 03 - Ports of South Australia

Adelaide | Port Wakefield | Port Pirie | Port Germein | Port Augusta | Wilpena

While South Australia is famous for the Outback and its wine making regions, we cannot forget about the contribution our ports have made to this great state. Departing Adelaide, your first stop is Port Wakefield, where there is amazing history and waterfront buildings to be seen. On to Port Pirie, highlighting a beautiful costal town and harbour that depicts a lifestyle centred on the waters of the gulf. Port Augusta is commonly known as the crossroads of Australia and is where roads from Adelaide, the Flinders Ranges, Alice Springs, and Perth intersect. This is a great spot to stop and see the diverse culture before heading on to Wilpena Pound Resort.

Route 04 - Silo Art Trail

Adelaide | Port Adelaide | Port Wakefield | Kadina | Snowtown | Wirrabara | Port August | Wilpena

South Australia has some great street art in and around Adelaide, but it's recently seen regional silos and water tanks being decorated with some pretty amazing artworks. This route takes you on a full day trip from Adelaide to Wilpena Pound, so get  your cameras ready, you're in for a treat.

You can download a prnted map from the Australian Silo Art Trail website. The map provides the street address or GPS coordinates for each artwork, along with each page also giving a brief description of the artwork itself.

Safe travels!

(Image credits Australian Silo Art Trail, Differentville, Walking SA)

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